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Sutherland Shire Beginner to Advanced Drum Lessons

Always a remarkable experience, whether you haven't bought your first drum kit yet or are looking to refine your skills.

From kids to adults, all levels and ages welcome.

Learn how to play Pop, Rock, Funk, Disco, Indie, Hip Hop, Blues, Soul, Reggae, Metal, Jazz, Latin and Fusion creatively, from a friendly, patient and passionate teacher who will always take into consideration your learning style.

One-on-one lessons tailored for you to achieve your full potential based on customised practice, playing songs of your choice.

Our step-by-step methodology guarantees all beginners learn how to play, and transforms the way intermediate drummers approach their traditional study methods.

Most recent video "Fast & Funky"
Private drum lessons cover:

Solid base for present and future development
Home Featured Image 1 Fundamentals
Stick Control
Learn drum music theory the easy way

Grooves and fills
Home Featured Image 2 Play any songs you want

Supervised timekeeping practice
Home Featured Image 3 The key to becoming a solid drummer

Dynamics, groove and swing
Home Featured Image 4 Adapt to any musical genre

Use of less conventional accessories
Home Featured Image 5 Double kick
Jam block

All limbs advanced coordination and speed
Home Featured Image 6 Hand and foot techniques
Limb independence
Cooperative training of non-dominant limbs

Experience a sound-treated music studio equipped with two quality drum kits, air conditioning, PA and Wi-Fi.

Behind the Drums
Claudio Reis - drum tutor

"A good teacher tells you what you want to know. A great teacher facilitates what you want and what you need to know, encouraging you to try new things, focusing on your present and future potential.
My belief in my students leads me to challenge them, and when I treat them as what they are capable of becoming, I help them become that."

Claudio Reis, founder and main teacher

Claudio started learning drums at 13 and by 19 he was already a drum tutor for a renowned music school. Claudio has been in the music scene for almost 3 decades performing with corporate bands and live shows in all major music styles.
Whether performing on stage or teaching, his passion for music and drumming is the driving force behind his success as a teacher and professional musician.

Over 20 Years of Teaching and Performing Experience

22 Years of Teaching Experience

Claudio started giving drum lessons 22 years ago, haven't stopped since, and plan to continue for many more years. Teaching drums is not something he does "on the side."

Claudio has taught students aged 3 to 70, all styles and all levels, always balancing technical and practical work.

Almost 30 Years of Performing Experience

• Co-founder and drummer for the corporate band Partysonic.

• Drummer for the 5-star wedding band Tentrix.

• Drummer for the Brazilian Latin Company show.

• Claudio has also performed in an array of local and international live acts, such as:

- Nevaneva, Non Stop Party Band, Twilight, Skyscraper, Mr. Bug, Duo Trio, Hypersonic, and Brazilian Latin Groove, covering the major music styles;
- tribute bands Dream Theater, Metallica, Skid Row, Bon Jovi, Alanis Morrisette and Elvisback;
- and cover bands with huge set lists including Muse, Maroon 5, Blink182, AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Journey, RHCP, Van Halen, INXS, Green Day, KC, EWF, Jamiroquai, Beatles, Coldplay, CCR, Queen, Santana, MJ and so on.

• At the age of 20 he was unanimously voted the best drummer in a 2-day music festival.

• Four years later, his former pop band New Jersey was elected the best band in the English Culture Festival of Brazil.

• Claudio was the drummer chosen to help compose and to record the CD T.V.lization for the band Skyscraper, mastering the complexity and challenging speed of their songs.

Methods he studied

  • Fundamentals, stick control, rudiments, techniques, dynamics, grooves and fills from private drum lessons.
  • Carmine Appice drum methods.
    Carmine Appice literally wrote the book on rock drumming, and influenced young John Bonham.
  • Joe Morello and Gary Chaffee methods.
  • Duda Neves method for Brazilian rhythms.
  • Double Bass Drum techniques from the best international drummer in NY 2003.
  • Attended master classes of Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Winery Dogs), Will Calhoun (Living Colour), Sonny Emory (EWF), Marco Minnemann, Tony Royster Jnr, Virgil Donati, Vera Figueiredo, Charles Gavin (Titas), Ivan Busic (Dr Sin) and Duda Neves.


Partysonic at Jam Gallery (Bondi)
Partysonic • Jam Gallery, Bondi
Workshop (Sydney)
Drumming Workshop • Sydney
Brazilian Latin Company (Burwood RSL Sydney)
Brazilian Latin Company • Burwood RSL
Partysonic (Hollywood Night Sydney)
Partysonic • Hollywood Night, Bull N Bush
Brazilian Latin Company (Merrylands RSL Sydney)
Brazilian Latin Company • Merrylands RSL
Nevaneva (Sydney)
Nevaneva • Sydney
Tentrix (Sydney)
Tentrix • Sydney
Filming at Mcdonaldtown station in Sydney
Filming at Mcdonaldtown station, Sydney
Claudio Reis, drum tutor in Sydney
Claudio Reis, drum tutor in Sydney
Ze Pretinha
Ze Pretinha
Recording with singer Cris Alves and awesome bass player Aislam
Recording with singer Cris Alves
Mr. Bug
Mr. Bug (live) • TonTon, Sao Paulo
Duo Trio (live)
Duo Trio (live) in Sao Paulo
BAA (live)
BAA (live) • TonTon, Sao Paulo
Alphandega (live)
Alphandega (live) • Sao Paulo
Non Stop Party Band
Non Stop Party Band (live) • Sao Paulo
Brazilian Latin Groove - private function in Sydney
BLG • private function, Sydney
Ze Pretinha
Ze Pretinha • Artichoke, Mosman
Oz Brazil - Darling Harbour Ritmo Festival, Sydney
Ritmo Festival, Darling Harbour
Brazilian Latin Groove - private function in Sydney
BLG • private function in Sydney
Brazilian Latin Groove - private function in Sydney
BLG • private function in Sydney
Oz Brasil - Olympic Park Homebush
Oz Brasil • Sydney Olympic Park


Drum Lessons Sydney video compilation
Harder to Breathe • Maroon 5
Ritmos 1
Slow Fusion
Take The Time • Dream Theater
Brazilian Latin Company
Smooth Operator • Sade
YYZ • Rush

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Sutherland Shire Drum Studio
Drum Studio Drum Studio Drum Studio Drum Studio

Private and acoustically treated music studio in Caringbah NSW equipped with two quality drum kits, PA, air-conditioning and Wi-Fi.

Silent acoustic drum kit: Remo silentheads and Zildjian L80 cymbals

Silent acoustic drum kit

✓ It sounds like a normal drum kit, but 80% less loud, eliminating the annoying need of hearing protection during lessons or training.
✓ The chances of hearing damage are now reduced to zero thanks to the new Remo silenceheads and new Zildjian L80 perfurated cymbals.

Pegada Drum Method
Pegada Drum Method

With the desire to share his extended knowledge acquired in almost 30 years of drumming, Claudio put together a 150 page skills development system taking into consideration the feedback of his own students, tutors and colleagues, combined with evidence based teaching strategies.

Pegada is a 4-part step-by-step drum method that guarantees all beginners learn how to play, and transforms the way intermediate drummers approach their traditional study methods to rebuild their skills from the ground up.

"If Pegada Drum Method was available in music shops when I looked for books to use during lesson, it would have been by far my favourite option."

Books and videos are great research sources, although Claudio will:
✓ follow a program according to your individual pace;
✓ give you frequent, imediate and detailed feedback;
✓ answer your questions;
✓ and, most importantly, correct your technique.

Contact & Rates
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Terms & Conditions
  • New students only.
  • Only 1 gift card is allowed per student.
  • All Gift Cards have 3 or 6 months expire date.
  • Gift Cards are not physical cards. An image of a personalised Gift Card will be sent to the buyer via email.
  • Lessons will be booked based on tutor's and studio's availability.
  • Gift Cards can only be exchanged for lessons, they are not exchangeable for money or anything else.
  • Refunds are not accepted after the card's expire date.
  • If the Gift Card value was based on the price of lessons at the tutor's music studio, but the student requires the lessons to be in another site, an extra amount will be charged to cover the tutor's travel costs.
  • Gift Cards do not include a copy of the book or drumsticks. Those can be added to the gift card upon buyer's request and payment.

Weekly Passes

Trial Lesson
Too early to commit to 5 or 10 lessons?

  • 30 min trial: $35
  • 60 min trial: $55
  • Or full refund if you are not satisfied*
Meet the tutor, try the methodology and a professional drum studio, learn some basics, and find out if this is what you are looking for.
Practice Studio Rental
Booking is essential

  • Drum kit with cymbals provided
  • Sound-treated drum studio
  • Wi-Fi and air conditioning
Regular students:
30 min: $15 or 60 min: $20
Non-students: 60 min: $40 (sticks $10)

Other services we do: drum kit set up, re-skinning, and tuning.

Note: $5 surcharge apply to lessons earlier than 9am or later than 9pm.
* Full or partial refund guaranteed if you are not satisfied, provided you tell us immediately at the end of your lesson.

Students at Drum Lessons Sydney

"Rebuilding my skills from the ground up..." Travis Joyce

Student testimonial "Whilst playing regularly in cover bands for many years I had not committed any time to practicing or improving my skills. Returning to drum tuition with Claudio at Drum Lessons Sydney has given me the ability to eliminate bad habits and rebuild my skills from the ground up. I am now practicing daily and my coordination and technique has improved significantly in only a short period of time. I highly recommend Claudio for tuition of drummers at any level of playing."

Travis is now the official drummer for the Springsteen tribute band Glory Days - The Boss Experience.

"Helped me build confidence..." Geison Costa

Student testimonial "Claudio helped me build the confidence I needed to become a professional drummer. After a few months improving my techniques from his lessons, I signed a contract to play on a cruise ship in Europe."

Geison worked for Pullmantur Cruises from 2006 to 2012 and Royal Caribbean in 2011, traveling to more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. He was one of the five finalists of the main Brazilian drummers contest (BATUKA) in 2004.

"Claudio is showing rigour and patience..." Guillaume Deront

Student testimonial "I've been taking lessons with Claudio for over a year. He is showing rigour and patience to really help improve my coordination and to open up to new beats, patterns and influences. I'm delighted to have him on board of my current musical project. I highly recommend him as a drum teacher."

"So stoked I found this guy..." Gareth Hemara

Student testimonial "After a few years playing drums in Sydney, Claudio showed me some different drumming styles, and I chose him to teach me how to play drums properly. He's very patient and teaches me according to my skill level. The private lessons are cool because the focus is on me. He showed me fundamental exercises that have become very important for the creation of my own fills. So stoked I found this guy! I'd recommend him to anyone looking to further develop their drumming skills."

"Fun mixed to serious and methodical..." Alex Garnier

"I had Claudio as my teacher for almost two years. He taught me more things in a year than I learned in the 4 previous years of training. My coordination and understanding about rhythms increased enormously, and all this was fun mixed to serious and methodical teaching. In less than one year learning from him I joined the school band."

"Having a ball learning to play..." Sharon Ghosn

"I had never before picked up a set of drumsticks but was always keen to have a go. My husband bought me lessons for my birthday. That was 6 months ago and I’m still having a ball learning to play. I thoroughly recommend it for any age. Great fun!"
Sharon Ghosn

"I chose Claudio as my tutor after..." Dennis Szarzynski

"I had only three months in Sydney and I chose Claudio as my tutor after trying some other methods."

"I will never forget the way you play..." Tomoaki Sato

"I will never forget the way you play and the way you think."
Tomoaki Sato

"It has been 4 years and counting..." Nathan E.

"I love having a private teacher and benefit from the one on one attention I get from the Drum Lessons Sydney tutor. It has been 4 years and counting."
Nathan E.

"Claudio is teaching me to love drums..." Kathryn

"I wanted to play rock songs only, but Claudio encouraged me to try a Samba beat. He is not only teaching me to play a beat, he is teaching me to love drums."

"The right fundamental exercises and..." Antony

"I'm left handed and I wanted to play the drum kit without swapping everything around. It was challenging but Claudio had the right fundamental exercises and patience to make it possible."

"I can tell how organised his method is..." Allan

"I started learning at Drum Lessons Sydney only a few weeks ago and I can tell how organised his method is, covering with details all aspects of the exercises he teaches."

"Realised he was the best teacher for me..." Clare

"After two years learning from another tutor in Sydney, I had a lesson with Claudio and realised he was the best teacher for me."

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• 30 min trial: $35
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