Private Drum Lessons In Sydney

Drum Lessons Sydney

★★★★★ Jensen Martin
I have been learning drums from Claudio at Drum Lessons Sydney for roughly 7 years. He has consistently and passionately taught me everything from jazz to metal, music theory, and also how to feel the rhythm and improvise. He is also very patient - I started when I was a little kid, and I would more often than not stray off track. He remained patient with me, and with his steady guidance, my drumming developed into something special.
★★★★★ Joanne Williams
I started my weekly lessons with Claudio a few years ago. I had never played the drums before but found his website and opted to book an introductory lesson which I really enjoyed. I feel very blessed to have chosen to learn with Claudio as his style of teaching and his methodology have enabled me to see my progression to the Intermediate level. Claudio keeps each lesson varied and with the right amount of challenge.

Creating Drummers for Over Two Decades

From kids to adults, the one-on-one or online drum lessons are tailored for you to learn and practice efficiently.

Drum room in Woolooware with two quality quieter drum kits, air conditioning and PA.

Step-by-step methodology

With over 20 years of teaching experience, I offer a methodology that guarantees every beginner learns how to play a drum kit, and criatively transforms the way drummers approach their traditional study methods.

Fully practical, fun, inspiring, and very informative drum lessons for kids and adults; whether you are a complete beginner or have already started your drumming journey.

Learn How To Play The Drums In The Sutherland Shire or Online

Solid and structured foundation
Stick Control
Hand and foot techniques
Music theory made easy
Songs, beats and fills
Learn any songs you want
Try some of the hundreds of songs I'll suggest
Develop a vocabulary of fills
Pop/Rock/Metal, Funk/Disco, Blues/Jazz, Latin...
Limiteless patterns combinations
Supervised timekeeping and speed practice
Become a solid drummer
Practice with a metronome
Measure stick control accuracy
Measure speed improvement
Practice like your idols do
Dynamics, precision, groove and swing
Become a versatile drummer
Adapt to any musical genre
Make your audience dance or headbang
Refine your groove, swing and syncopation
Polish up rebound control for meticulous dynamics
Use of less conventional accessories
Double kick
Jam blocks
Advanced drum playing
Creative Rhythmic Patterns
Limb independence
Cooperative training of non-dominant limbs
Open-handed possibilities
Elimination of weaknesses

Enquiries: 0415 332 132

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Drum Lessons Sydney - Private Drum Lessons in the Sutherland Shire

You've come to the right place whether you want to just learn the basics or become a professional drummer. Every age group and level of knowledge welcome.

After learning the fundamentals and basics of drumming, or showing that you already know them, I will guide you through techniques and possibilities around most styles of music, such as variations of Rock, Pop, Metal, Funk, Blues, Disco, Jazz, Reggae, Latin, Brazilian, and Fusion.

It is going to be the best drumming experience towards your goals.

Drumming can improve your IQ, cause feelings of happiness, and lower stress and blood pressure.

The methodology was carefully organised for you to leave each drum lesson with enough fun challanges for the week. You'll see your skills improving from day one. You'll play a song earlier then you expect.

If you are in or near Sydney's Sutherland Shire, Southern Suburbs or St George area, the Inner-West, or the Eastern Suburbs, my home studio is not far from you. Call 0415 332 132 or contact me via the webform.