Terms and Conditions

Gift Cards

- New students only.
- Only 1 gift card is allowed per student.
- All Gift Cards have 1 year expiry date.
- Gift Cards are not physical cards. An image of a personalised Gift Card will be sent to the buyer via email.
- Lessons will be booked based on tutor's and studio's availability.
- Gift Cards can only be exchanged for lessons, they are not exchangeable for money or anything else.
- Refunds are not accepted after the card's expire date.
- If the Gift Card value was based on the price of lessons at the tutor's music studio, but the student requires the lessons to be in another site, an extra amount will be charged to cover the tutor's travel costs.
- Gift Cards do not include a copy of the book or drumsticks. Those can be added to the gift card after buyer's request and payment.