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Thunder (Imagine Dragons) drum cover by Claudio Reis

How about a drum “cover” video that is not really a cover?

The song Thunder by Imagine Dragons doesn’t have a strong sound of drums. For that reason, what you find in this video is not really a drum cover, but more of a composition.

The song originally has a drum beat composed with electronic sounds of bass drum, snare drum and some hi-hat.

What I’ve done here is a stronger drum beat (partially linear), and also included fills using up to 6 toms – 2 roto-toms, 3 mount toms and a floor tom. A second and lower pitch floor tom was added only to emphasise the accents in the chorus.


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Brazilian Latin Company with Claudio Reis on the drums @ Burwood RSL & Merrylands RLS shows

Have you dreamed about being part of a Brazilian or Latin show, where performers play drums, dance Capoeira, Samba or Salsa, the vibe is awesome on and behind the stage, and you get to have your minutes of fame playing your solo?


Brazilian Latin Company (

The Brazilian Latin Dance Company invited me to substitute their drummer in two concerts, Burwood RSL and Merrylands RSL. I had only two weeks to learn 28 songs and I nailed them.

The following video is a compilation of the two shows, made with a camera behind me, and one from the audience.

The set up of the drum kit is similar to the basic set up. I take only one mount tom with me, and adapt a cowbell and a jamblock to a more comfortable position (when compared to having all three toms set up).

I sometimes teach those types of rhythms in beginners drum lessons. I show students how to start coordinating hands and feet first, and after a few months they start playing some samba and Latin variations on the drums.

Since I started offering drum lessons for kids in Caringbah NSW – that is in Sydney, Australia – I realised that sometimes Latin grooves is what makes a kid really enthusiastic about learning drums. Teaching beginners the basic of Latin drumming is one of the keys to keep them interested in drumming more often.

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Jam Block and Cowbell variations

Sounds… it’s all about sounds! I enjoy so much adding cowbell, jam block, tamborim and tambourine variations when I’m playing by myself, that I decided to make a small compilation of some recordings.

Curious about the difference between a Tambourine and a Tamborim?

This is a Tamborim, a Brazilian percussion instrument mainly used to play Samba.

This is a Tambourine. It’s used in many kinds of music.

Image result for drum kit tambourine

Both, the tamborim and the tambourine can be adapted to the drum kit.

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Pull Me Under – Dream Theater (Drum Cover)

Quite old video again, but this time, heavier, and from another drumless track. Mike Portnoy innovated Heavy Metal drumming, and I spent some time trying to copy him years ago when I decided to catch up with late 90’s heavy metal. This was challenging, therefore a great way to improve. Here is the first of two Dream Theater drum cover videos I made.

EDIT: 2013 video replaced with one recorded in November 2016:

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Ritmos = fun!

This video is about 3 years old. I was having some fun on the drum kit with my camera on, and that was the result.
Nothing pre-programmed, nothing that I had practised for a long time. The jam blocks were new in my kit. I play some tunes recorded by the Brazilian singer Elba Ramalho, and experimented the roto-tons and jam blocks in some Latin songs.

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Smooth Operator (Sade) – Drum Cover

Another one of the old videos I like. Smooth Operator, Sade. It is a challange playing slow and soft, and on top of that, using the rototons and a jamblock to help filling with percussion sounds. I couldn’t find a drumless version of this song, but it was worth doing it anyway.

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