Why do we charge for the trial lesson?

We charge for the trial lesson because you will learn as much as in a normal lesson. It is a win-win situation.

In our experience teaching drums since 1994 we learned that students that pay for their trial lesson tend to value it more and become regular students.

Our time preparing for lessons (book material, studio, gear and premisses), the decades of teaching experience, and of course the lesson time, are valuable to us, and will be to you too.

Giving free trial lessons never bothered us. The real issue is that some people don’t turn up to their free trial lesson, and we rarely find out why.

Try to see the music lessons businesses the way you see a flight company, an accountant, the dentist, plumbers or mechanics. The day they start giving free trials we will rethink this matter.

We still offer free trial lessons on some days during school holiday periods, so if that’s your thing, visit our website DrumLessonsSydney.com.au and keep an eye on the home page where we place the free trial button for a couple of days.

And always remember: when you come for a paid trial lesson you are guaranteed to have a full refund if you are not satisfied, provided you tell us immediately at the end of the lesson.

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