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Snare drum tuning – you haven’t heard of this tip

Have you noticed the number of people that disliked the videos that you loved or found very helpful on Youtube?

And what does that have to do with snare drum tuning?SnareMono

Simple: drums are different, therefore parts of the tuning instructions won’t work for every one of them. Some are old or poor quality, others are new, top quality and expensive drums.

This very important detail has everything to do with my new discovery while tuning my snare drum last week.

For the last 3 years I’ve been unhappy with the sound of my snare drum, and even thinking about getting a new one, despite it being a PDP only about 4 years old  – not really old, decent brand and model. It wasn’t looking – or should I say “sounding” – good for my drum school in Sydney. A few students even mentioned the sound of the snare drum being ‘weird’.

When I decided to start my sceptical tuning process from scratch one more time, I realised the screws didn’t come off so smoothly as I thought they should.

The screws were not rusty, but before starting the tuning process I took all screws out completely only to put a little bit of DW-40 on the screws and also inside the lugs.

I was amazed by how the screws went into the lugs so smoothly. It felt like I had just exchanged my average snare drum for one of those very expensive ones.

The tuning experience was extremely different to the previous ones, when before, even with a new quality skin I couldn’t end up with the satisfactory crisp sound I wanted.

The answer to me was:
– DW-40 on screws and lugs;
– tuning as everyone normally does;
and the result was that beautiful and awesome crisp sound!