Get ready to play many songs, not only a couple

Today I found this very interesting comment in a blog:

“I used to take guitar lessons with this guy whose style of teaching was letting the student take in a popular song and he’d teach you it. I remember taking Message In A Bottle by The Police to him and we worked on that for a little too long. Looking back, I just was not ready for that yet. What I really needed are those spider exercises first. I didn’t learn about those until long after I quit lessons with this teacher. The funny thing is he’d tell me about stories of other students working on songs with him for months. So he knew it was a problem. But maybe their point of view is that this is what the student wants? How can that work if they get frustrated like me and quit like I eventually did?”

I’ve had a number of students that came to learn drums from me saying – therefore thinking – they were in an intermediate level.

Despite being able to play about half a dozen of songs, that was all they could do after 3 to 5 years of training.

With the teaching method I use, based on exercises involving beats, fills, stick control and rudiments, in a matter of 2 to 3 months the same students were ready to play many simple songs. Within 6 to 12 months – depending on the student, of course – their list of songs increased fast.

Pegada Drum Method is not only about passing my knowledge. It’s also about preparing the students to recognise and understand what the drummers did in the songs they chose to learn, and play many songs without having to work on each one separately during the lessons.

Not every one of the new “intermediate” students was happy to restart from a book called Fundamentals. Well, if they have heard about (the 40 essential) rudiments but don’t remember what a Paradiddle is, and can’t apply basic variations of single strokes to create fills, they give me no option: beginners they are.

There’s no need for frustration, though. They perform better and learn faster than the average beginners, and after learning and practising basic stuff that they missed they feel much more confident because they won’t run the risk of not being able to play simple grooves and fills for lack of knowledge and practice.


“If Pegada Drum Method was available in music shops it’d be by far my favourite option to teach drums”.