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Fifteen years welcoming new styles

Heavy Metal will always have a place in my heart and I keep practising some of the Metal songs I love, but after the end of Twilight in 1997, I spent the following years aggregating new styles of drumming, joining bands that didn’t have much to do with rock, and therefore, learning a lot.

2003 Non Stop - Claudio and PicaPau Non Stop Party Band

My first steps towards the huge variety of beats were with bands that played Pop, Rock, Reggae and Brazilian rhythms, and later Funk, Soul, and Disco, still in late 90’s. What would you expect from a band called Non Stop Party Band? That is it: people dancing all night long and that was pretty exciting.

2011 Botoes-AntiAtomicos

Outside the heavy/rock scene I had the pleasure of playing in crowded night clubs, in different cities, and interesting events, as for example being the main band on the stage of a beach event in summer for two consecutive years.

Still with Rock in my veins and some spare time, I joined tribute bands like Skid Row, Alanis Morissette, Dream Theater and Elvis Presley.

2010 - Alphandega

Unplugged versions of rock music was another challenge, when for the first time I played live using Rods – specific drum sticks that help the drums sound lighter.

Some of the bands I drummed for in this period are:
Non Stop Party Band
Skid Row Tribute
Alanis Morissette Tribute
Dream Theater Tribute

In mid 2004 I moved to Sydney, Australia. Details in the next post.