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After some years influenced by Gene Hoglan, Dave Lombardo, Ventor and other Thrash Metal drummers, Mike Portnoy’s work helped change my style of playing drums. The soundproof was still made of egg cartons though.

1995 Claudio Reis

In 1994 I was invited by an awesome guitar player and composer to start a melodic Heavy Metal band with other musicians that had more experience than me in the music scenery of São Paulo.

Things started improving along the years; and for the ears. My third drum kit had two bass drums, rototons, bongos and finally imported renowned brand cymbals.

Primor Drums

Twilight‘s first demo tape, Dawn, was an explosion among friends, quickly spreading and attracting new fans. We had full house at Black Jack Rock Bar a few times for about two years, mainly playing originals but also covering bands like Halloween, Iron Maiden, Gamma Ray, and Dream Theater. Our songs Prayer, Rage and Sunlight were well known among rockers in São Paulo.

1994 Twilight (FAAP)199 Tomas and Luigi, with Twilight (Black Jack)

For the first time I saw strangers singing the lyrics of my own band’s original songs. Despite some grammar mistakes in our lyrics – English is not our mother tongue – that was amazing. We had one song playing in a Metal radio show, one page in a local newspaper, and lots of people buying Dawn.

1995 Twilight

Other 7 great songs were recorded for the new demo tape Watching the Sky, turning Twilight’s gigs into big events for local Heavy Metal fans.
The lack of labels interested in Brazilian Heavy Metal at that time, and the poor production quality of the second demo tape were the main reasons why Twilight’s future plans in the music industry faded away.

1995 Claudio Reis and Twilight (Black Jack)

Twilight shared stage with other known bands like Skyscraper and Henceforth, but the Brazilian Metal market left not only us, but many other awesome bands behind.

I ended up joining Pop/Rock bands, which was great fun, but that didn’t stop me from leaving my last mark in the Heavy Metal scene, being invited to drum for the Skyscraper album T.V.lization in 1997/1998, sold mainly in Japan, Italy, France and Brazil, since the original drummer had left the band right before the recordings started.

Tomas Kenedi – vocals
André ‘Bilóide’ Linhares – guitar and vocals
Rodolfo Elsas / Luige Pilósio – guitar
Felipe Guerra – bass
Sandra Reis / Leo Loebemberg – keyboards
Claudio ‘Head’ Reis – drums