Kamada-K and Chonps!

Back in early 1990’s I was the only guy with a long hair, and the only one who put together the only band of all high school students in our school, Magister. I had already been playing drums for almost 3 years and our first gig was at the school. Five gigs in one week, what a success for those young boys.

1990 Kamada-k Colégio Magister

Later, with basically the same team, we had a Pop and a Heavy Metal band, Kamada-K and Chonps. I was the guitar player in the Heavy Metal one, but moved back to drums when an amazing guitar player, trained in NY city, decided to join the band.

1992 Chonps ao vivo 1990 Chonps - ensaio (Andre, Claudio, Shwy)

At that time no one used to record videos, there was no Internet, and video cameras were expensive. But our demo tapes, Limits of Sanity and Don’t Feed The Monster, were good enough to spread our music and get us some gigs in São Paulo and some other near by towns.

1992 Chonps - logo 1991 Chonps (Andre e Claudio) - Black Jack Rock Bar

We shared stage with KorzusVírus 27, Wardeath, Grunks, and went together watch many concerts including Rock in Rio 1991.

.1992 Chonps1992 Chonps - artwork

Chonps! soon turned into a Thrash Metal band. We recorded original songs and played many gigs – specially in the famous but already demolished Black Jack Rock Bar – having in the song list bands like Metallica, Napalm Death and Kreator.

In 1994 Chonps! participated in the V.O. Fest Rock of São Paulo. I was the only drummer having to organise more space on the stage to fit a second bass drum. After our noisy performance, organisers announced that I was unanimously voted the best drummer in the festival.

I had already started Uni where my friendship with another guitar player and composer became deeper, and somehow he helped me start changing my style when he introduced me to Dream Theater. It was time for me to start playing a bit slower and improve my technique. But I’m leaving that for the next post, where I’ll talk about my former melodic Heavy Metal band, Twilight.

Cristian ‘Sarron’ – vocals
Eber Vale – vocals
Jefferson Garcia – guitar
André ‘KaraFina’ – guitar
Ricardo ‘Shwy’ – bass
Claudio ‘Head’ Reis – drums

Cristian ‘Sarron’ – vocals
Ricardo ‘Shwy’ – bass
André ‘KaraFina’ – guitar and vocals
Alex Bureta – guitar
Claudio ‘Head’ Reis – drums


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